Simple ways to save gas

Gas TipsImproving your gas mileage is easier than you think. Follow these tips to help every tank go further. Read More >

37 Heating & Cooling Tips

Save energyHeating and cooling account for about 56% of your energy bill, so hopefully these tips will help you saving money by reducing your energy usage. Read More >>

New Car Battery Tech

Car BatteryThere are a lot of factors that may pose impact on the environment, whether it is a human routine or those products that people consume for their daily needs and wants.

Regardless of which, mother Earth has undoubtedly suffered and is continuously suffering because of the excessive pollution brought about by these various elements.

And because of the ever consistent detrimental changes in the environment, concerned people, organizations as well as academic enthusiasts have indulged themselves in research and studies trying to find a compromise and halfway where the earth and its people could meet and satisfy each others’ needs. One of the best examples of such is the usage and eventual recycling of electric car battery.

The Venture to the Study of Electric Batteries for Cars

A team of Empa scientists have ventured into a study that exposes a detailed life cycle of Lithium-ion batteries. This study includes assessment of the eco-balance feature of this type of battery, particularly on the chemically improved or the more environmentally friendly version of the ones that are often used in electric-powered vehicles.

However, prior to this venture, the degree to which battery of electric-powered cars in comparison to those that are used with the conventionally fueled vehicles in relation to their impact on the environment has been considered a hard track. Read More

7 Benefits of Reusable Printer Cartridges

Reusable Ink CartridgeRecycling has become a necessity due to increasing environment problems. Printer cartridges are made of plastic which is not bio degradable. Plastic decomposition is a very long process and it can take more than 1000 years to decompose. Using reusable printer cartridges is a good option as they are less costly and also allow you to play your part in saving environment. When you use reusable printer cartridges, you are actually reducing consumption of plastic material which is good for the environment. Let’s take a look at some environmental benefits of using the reusable printer cartridges. 

Reduction in Solid waste: When you use reusable print cartridge, you actually help in reducing the number of print cartridges that become solid waste. Printer cartridges that are thrown by you end up in landfills. Increasing solid waste is becoming a problem for all countries as landfills are filling up faster and the cost of landfill management is also increasing due to decrease in areas which can be used as landfills. By decreasing the amount of solid waste, you help environment and decrease the pressure on landfill management.  Read More

The Advantages of LEDs Over CFLs

LED vs CFL BulbsWhen it comes to adopting new a new technology, there are three major questions a new adopter should ask: does it save me time, does it save me money, and does it save the environment? Folks who have started switching out their old compact fluorescent light bulbs for new LED lights can confidently answer yes to all three. LED bulbs are quickly becoming the standard for the industry, thanks to their eco and budget friendliness.

Unlike traditional compact fluorescent bulbs, which have a lifespan of just 8,000 hours, LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours, while using half of the electricity — 6-8 watts as compared to 13-15 for CFLs. Using half the energy also means that these bulbs cost half as much to use over the course of the year, and, for first-time homeowners, like many of the residents at Toronto's Garrison Point, the savings can be a huge boon, whether they're being used to upgrade your furniture or start a college fund for your little ones. Read More

5 Easy Ways Your Family Can Be More Green

Green CleaningAs the world becomes increasingly aware of the impact our actions can have on the environment, many families are taking small steps to live more eco-friendly lives. While cleaning up the planet may seem like a big job, there are some simple solutions you can implement in your own home to make the planet a greener place for future generations to grow up.

Switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products: While doing a complete home detox may seem like a major undertaking, you can upgrade your family's green factor by swapping out chemical-laden cleaners for more environmentally-friendly ones. Companies like Method, Simple Green, and Caldrea make wallet-friendly cleaners without all of the harsh chemicals found in many household products. 

Pack lunches in reusable containers: Although packing your own lunch can be a budget-saver, it can also significantly contribute to the amount of household waste your family produces. Instead of using containers that get tossed after a single use, like paper and plastic bags, store your meals in dishwasher-safe reusable containers, and keep it in a sturdy cotton tote for your commute. Read More

Importance of Organic Food for Health and Environment

Organic Food PlateOrganic foods are foods that are produced through organic farming. Therefore, no synthetic additives are involved in the planting as well as growing of the foods. They are purely natural and rely on natural factors to grow to their time of harvesting. They include animals and plants. All forms of foods that are brought up under these conditions are considered organic. Today it is all about their benefits to human health and the environment.

Organic food and health

Most of the common diseases we know such as cancer, kidney disease among others are subjects of chemical depositions in the human body and lack of effective way of detoxifying the body. If we take foods that are grown with the help of artificial additives such as pesticides and artificial fertilizers, the chemicals if not well removed get into the body system. The result is clogging of the chemicals within the body and chronic diseases.

With organic food you enjoy:


Low nitrate levels in food

  • High vitamin C levels

  • High selenium levels in the food

Foods that develop within an artificial environment harbor the harmful chemicals that should not find their way into the human body system. The smooth way of doing away with the chemicals is through avoiding foods that are developed under such condition.

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